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The official name is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the country is of strategic importance due to its geographical location. Almost half of the population is composed of refugees in Jordan, which has hosted important states and civilizations in its history. Jordan’s capital is Amman and the country has a total population of 10.2 million according to 2017 data. The country's surface area is 89 thousand 342 square kilometers and the currency is Jordanian Dollar. The official language is Arabic.

Jordan, which declared its independence in 1946, is ruled by the kingship. Despite poor economic and social conditions, Jordan is among the countries with the highest number of refugees compared to its population. More than 2 million Palestinians and about 1.5 million Syrian refugees make up about half of the country's population.

Jordan has distanced itself from the conflict and political rivalry in the Middle East and has maintained its stability during the Arab Spring following the peace with Israel, and is going through a recent economic and political crisis.

The Jordanian economy, which does not have enough oil, natural gas, and other natural resources, survives with services, tourism revenue, grants from the US, Gulf countries and international financial institutions or long-term low-interest loans.

Jordan's unemployment rate in 2017 was 16.5 percent unemployment. Jordan is suffering from poverty, unemployment, inflation, and budget deficit as well as suffering from energy and water scarcity. Jordan's gross domestic product is 40 billion dollars, according to 2017 estimates. Per capita income in the country is around 12 thousand 500 dollars. The country's growth rate was 2.3 percent in 2017. The arrival of Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Jordan affects the country's economy more and more every year and the need for foreign aid increases. 3.32 percent of the land of Jordan consists of arable land. The rate of land harvested regularly in the country is only 1.18 percent.