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CEO's Message

My Dear Workmates and Our Business Associates

We set off for our journey to operate in the machinery production  sector in 2000, with passion  of engineering. We have started to export our products first to the Middle Eastern market in 2004 and than in a very short period of time, we have continued to export our products to many countries of the world. In this process in which we are approaching to our 20th Anniversary, we are manufacturing  for the security of all human race without losing our excitement of the very first day.

 We are growing each passing day with the engineering knowledge and experience, the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, unending drive of producing inside us, and the “Mass Production & Sustainable Export” philosophy. In our sector, we are continuing our endeavors with the mission of being the banner-bearer of the pioneers in security sector. We attach importance to being a “Design Center” as much as the importance we attach to ‘Engineering’... We are exporting nearly 20 product groups t to the markets of more than 55 countries and we are reinforcing our position on the global markets each passing day.

One kilogram of Turkey’s export costs averagely 1.3 US$ while this value is over 8 US$ for a standard automobile.. We must increase the kilogram value of export for the economy of our country. OPTIMA’s export kilogram costs 6 US$/kg as of 2018. We want to show the power of Turkish Engineering with the target of producing not raw materials but products with high added value and we are happy with and proud of having set an example for the Turkish producers.

 OPTIMA’s ecosystem operates on the axis of producing, ensuring high customer satisfaction, and discovering the right human resource. Among our most important tasks are to acquire the young people who are willing to work, honest, and desiring to perform the job they love with passion as well as to teach and train for the art of engineering, for the future of our country.

 I am extending my heartfelt thanks to all our employees who are a part of the OPTIMA adventure and our stakeholders with whom we collaborate. 


Mechanical Engineer B.Sc.

(1991 Graduate of Department of METU Mechanical Engineering)

OPTİMA Founder

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