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Corporate Philosophy

We are working to leave a Sustainable and Inhabitable World to the Future Generations

Aiming to keep the customer satisfaction on the forefront via launching the products whose quality standards are at utmost levels on the market and to increase profitability and productivity by means of bringing innovative solutions to its design-production operations, OPTIMA has adopted the idea of  “Customer Satisfaction Matters Most” as its principle.  

• Ensuring a safe working environment, 
• Encouraging and improving creativity, 
• Seeking for the best practices at all times, 
• Working in the quality norms of the world, and 
• Being in a position that will be shown as an example with its R&D and P&D studies as well as its management style

 are the priorities of OPTIMA that is a company by fulfilling the needs and contributing to the happiness of people without compromising its engineering experience and ethical values, keeping close track of the latest technological developments in the world.

Aiming to be a global brand, OPTIMA continues its works and growth accordingly, each passing day, with higher beliefs and   accuracy than yesterday.

Our Values:

Focusing on Customers: Our customers are our impulsive power; we create the most superior values for them.
Focusing on Quality: We are aware of and responsible for the fact that the compliance with the expectations of the customers and  safety are important in our products.
Focusing on Employee: We are a family, we share common targets with our employees.
Honesty: We do not compromise business ethics and working principles.
Innovation: We support innovation and reward creativity.
Contribution to the Society: We consider adding value to the society and the economy in all our activities.
Sustainability: We are working to leave a sustainable and inhabitable world to the future generations.
Excellence: Our only Standard is EXCELLENCE!

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