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Located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is one of the Arab states on the Persian Gulf. The name of the neighbouring country with Iraq in the north and Saudi Arabia in the south comes from the word “akwat” which means “castle by the water”.

The country, whose capital is also Kuwait, has a total population of 4.4 million according to 2017 data. The country's surface area is 17 thousand 818 square kilometeres and the currency is Kuwait Dinar. The official language is Arabic.

Kuwait has about 10 percent of the world's known crude oil reserves and its oil and natural gas revenues constitute 70 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In Kuwait, where 42.3 percent of its economy is based on industrial production, the service sector is the largest item in the general economy with 57.5 percent. Very high levels of imports, 41 percent of consumer goods, 34 percent of intermediate goods and 25 percent of the final products are made up. The highest imports are from the USA, China, Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and France. Passenger cars, jewelery, aircraft, poultry, pharmaceuticals, rice, construction materials, construction machinery components and devices and electronic devices take the first place. The country, which is inadequate in agricultural production due to its arid lands, is dependent on foreign countries in food products.

97.8 percent of the largest export item, oil, is sent to three Asian countries with the highest amount, respectively, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. In general, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, the USA, and China are the countries that Kuwait has the highest rate of exports. The exports are petroleum, plastic raw materials and ammonium products.

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