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Electro-Mechanical Road Blockers


OPTIMA that has adopted it as its principle to keep customer satisfaction on the forefront by launching the products whose quality standards are at utmost levels on the markets is always there for you with its after-sale support services.

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Electro-Mechanical Road Blockers HRR-HS

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Optima HRR-HS electro-mechanical road blockers are designed especially for entrance points which have a threat of vehicle attack or for the ones that have high-security requirements. If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to the control of vehicle access in high-security applications, road blockers are the unique solution and the most secure systems. Even though the attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds, the vehicle can't keep on moving because of the damage given to front, wheels and the bottom of the vehicle. 

The drive unit is electro-mechanical, but in case of power failure, road blocker can be lowered or lifted manually with the help of a UPS, Typical raise/lower time is 5-6 seconds. With the help of Optima PLC (programmable logic control), raise/lower function can be achieved by every kind of card readers, biometric readers like fingerprint or hand shape, radio control, on/off key switch, etc. Besides, safety accessories like inductive loop detectors, flashing lights or red/green traffic lights can be integrated into the system very easily.  The electromechanical power unit can be used in HRR-HS-CT & HRR-HS-4100 road blocker.