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Scada Application


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Scada Application | SCADA

Scada Application
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Optima SCADA (Scada Application) System is software that monitors and controls multiple commercial and industrial security equipment like road blockers, barriers, sliding gates, etc. from one central control room. The system collects information, makes necessary analyses and provides control of all equipment and monitors that information on an operator screen.

Thanks to the SCADA System, open/close or raise/lower functions can be achieved and current positions of the equipment can be monitored on line. It is possible to get number of operations, number of vehicles entered and exit, passing information for a person, unauthorized passage information and many more. Besides, an additional IP camera can be integrated to the system to enable monitoring of transition zone in a real time.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol called TCP/IP is used in communicating data across networks. Due to this, SCADA System can be controlled from all over the world through a web server on internet.