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License Plate Recognition System For Compounds


OPTIMA that has adopted it as its principle to keep customer satisfaction on the forefront by launching the products whose quality standards are at utmost levels on the markets is always there for you with its after-sale support services.

License Plate Recognition System For Compounds | ALPR-101

License Plate Recognition System For Compounds
License Plate Recognition System For Compounds
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Optima ALPR-101, the license plate recognition system, offers security, ease of use, and 100% customer satisfaction. The system has state-of-art hardware and software technologies and provides customer-oriented, flexible solution opportunities. Optima license plate recognition system is capable of working in integration with access systems such as sliding gates and barriers at the entrances and exit areas of sites. The system doesn’t require any vehicle tags, barcodes, or user cards. The entry and exit processes are carried out automatically by scanning the vehicle’s number plate. The system has a user-friendly, modern interface unique to Optima.

  • 98% recognition accuracy rate
  • Ability to read all types of license plates (Square, rectangle, official, military, etc.)
  • Ability to operate in various environmental conditions (24/7, four seasons-24, etc.)
  • Detailed recording of passing vehicles (Plate, Date, Entrance Gate, etc.)
  • Dedicated system management (Admin, operator, Security guard, etc.)
  • Ability to work in integration with Access systems (Barriers, Gates, etc.)
  • Management of subscribed and blocked license plates with blacklist applications
  • Determination of parking capacity
  • Tracking of the occupancy and predicted occupancy information via the smart panel
  • Observing parking statistics (occupancy rate, number of entrances and exits, etc.)
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • System integration based on the parking lot operation scenario
  • Detecting plateless vehicles or vehicles with unreadable license plate
  • Detailed reporting of system data
  • Ability to import data manually or from Excel
  • Ability to control system via OTIMA mobile application
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