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OPTIMA Engineering, a brand in the Middle East...

OPTIMA Engineering that started operating in 2001 in the machinery manufacture and undertaking sectors is now a brand in the Middle East... Its target is to attain the same success in other countries as well...

Having started its business by manufacturing products for the security sector and selling them on the domestic market, OPTIMA  is presently marketing 95% of its nearly 20 products that it produces particularly for the security sector  to 40 countries, 15 of which are  from the Middle East, the achievement obtained in a short period despite the fact that it exported for the first time in 2004. We interviewed with İsmail Tamer Ülgen, Mechanical Engineer and Company Manager, about Optima Engineering.

When did you lay the foundation of your plant at Başkent OIZ and when did you complete it? We laid the foundation of our plant at Başkent OIZ on August 27, 2015. We completed our investments in a short period on December  30, 2015.

What is the km2 size of your operating area? We operate at a  5633 m² indoor area.

What is the field of your activity what do you produce, and what is your annual production capacity? Optima Engineering is a  machinery producing firm. We are operating in three separate sectors. Manufacture of the entrance control systems; turnstiles, barriers, hydraulic roadblocks and posts, and sliding door engines, etc.; hydraulic  expandable containers, mobile hospitals, mobile life units, mobile laboratories; as well as  the manufacture of the waste decomposition and recycling systems.

Are you in a state that you can operate at full capacity? To how many people are you providing the opportunity of employment? We are producing at averagely 85% capacity. As the Group companies, we are employing 102 people from three different nationalities in Arabia and Turkey.

Do you provide exportation service? We are exporting 98% of the products manufactured by Optima Engineering to 40 distinct countries. Our target is to grow that market more and more.

Why did you prefer Başkent OIZ? Will you have suggestions for those wanting to make investments in Başkent OIZ? Our prime reason to prefer Başkent OIZ is the disciplined state of the administration. It was our belief that this organized industrial zone would not turn into the paradise of illegal buildings. The low initial investment costs compared to the other organized industrial zones is additional advantage... 

What is your next target in terms of investments? Our firm has just completed its investments. We are predicting that we will continue with investing in machinery and equipment and increase in the employment. 

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