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OPTIMA Engineering designs and manufactures high quality, heavy duty, PLC controlled electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic roadblockers, bollards, barriers, sliding gates, sliding gate actuators, tyre killers and all kinds of motorized and manual, tripod and full height turnstiles. OPTIMA designs and fabricates steel structures as big as factories or giant airplane hangars. Also is an experienced electrical and mechanical works subcontractor for construction companies. Various projects have been successfully completed and handed over especially in Afghanistan. OPTIMA Engineering designs and manufactures shredders for tyre, wood, glass, plastics, paper, metal, electrical, electronical, household, hazardous waste (medical, etc), ordinary waste, rug, document, magnetic media and for all the solid waste that you can think of. OPTIMA Engineering designs and manufactures heavy duty, controlled hydraulic expandable containers for mobile hospitals, mobile laboratories, mobile kitchens, various army requirements etc. Models for all standard sizes are available.  
TUV CE Certificates
Optima engineering designs and manufactures PLC controlled high security hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, mechanical roadblockers, rising bollards, full height and waist high turnstiles, hydraulic drop arm barriers, electromechanical and manual barriers, high security sliding gates and gate operators, tyre killers. Optima engineering also design and manufactures shredders, PAS68:2010 CRASH TEST, hydraulic expandable containers. Optima designs machines and builds prototypes as well as does mechanical and electrical works contracting.